IT à volta do mundo (Índia/Filipinas e EUA)

Num artigo do Slashdot – Why Outsource when workers are willing to telecommute? encontrei um comentário que me pareceu muito elucidativo de todo o artigo:

Imagine earning the equivalent of US$160 every month. Can you folks in America live with such a wage? That’s how much money I’m making right now, and while it’s not exactly a lot, it’s enough for me to pay the rent and utilities, buy enough food to for me and my girlfriend to eat well every day, and allow us to have a little more fun besides romping around on the bed. 🙂 (it’s not enough for us to consider getting married and having children though) What do I do that earns me such a pittance? I deploy and design enterprise Linux systems, and write custom Linux software as well. The fact that I work for a new and impoverished startup company skews things a bit, but the facts remain. Even as much as US$500 a month is considered a very good wage where I come from. Would you folks in America even consider such pathetic wages?

I can buy a pack of cigarettes here for the equivalent of less than 50 US cents. A home-cooked meal of chicken or other meat costs around 75 US cents per person. My daily commute to work is slightly less than one US dollar. Water and electric bills amount to roughly US$8-$10 per month. Rent, US$60 per month. That’s what life’s like in the Third World, folks. Come by and visit sometime.