blogar sentado no Parlamento…Canadiano.

no blog de um deputado conservador encontramos este post intitulado “Voting”:

I hope this posts. Am blogging from my blackberry in the House where I have just voted for our non-confidence motion. The Libs are trying hard to play this down. They have two cabinet ministers out, Efford and Cotler. We’ll win, but they’ll claim it’s non confidence.

Pretty unhappy campers over there! They can’t believe that their iron-grip on power and pocketnooks might be loosed. Kilgour just voted with the Libs. Hmmm. 153 to 150. We win!“.

cá em portugal apesar do WiFi na Assembleia da República, de terem distribuído PDA’s, portáteis e até terem disponível um sistema para blogar…, ainda não dei porque ninguém publicasse no seu blog em directo da bancada.


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