o breve pé de dança do george

Encontrei um breve vídeo em que o George Bush dá à anca, verdadeiramente genial!

a descrição que está nos comentários diz “tudo”:

… george starts off with a kind of a square dance – chicken dance kind of a move, and then lets his arms and hands go free, and he does a kind of modified conga-dance / line dance move. He moves a whole lot better than when he danced with Ricky Martin in January of 2001. In fact, he moved so well in Teblisi that methinks he must have tasted a bit of the finest Georgian vodka while enraging his pal Vlad the Imputiner.

a dança pode ser descarregada neste url:
http://blogfiles.wfmu.org/JT/bushdance.wmv (536 KB)

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