4 thoughts on “dog’s life in lisbon subway”

  1. Superb! Absolutely loved it.

    The young musician was brilliant and so was the dog. I wanted to put a coin in his cup!

    I’ve just been with Rupert and Beth Tilston to decide on which videos to screen in Brighton on Saturday. One of yours is from London Underground. : )

  2. Hi Robert!

    there is an hidden detail on the last part of the video. 🙂
    because the other boy that is seated on the left of the door is actually also an accordion player that is resting and is seated on his accordion…

    i wll try to capture more of this kid and dog, because i think the dog is always the same but there are various boys, and maybe that’s also why the small dog is so sleepy.
    crazy world this one.

    about the tag, i think it is semanal, but i didn’t confirmed it and on the blip server i used semanal, semanal08 and also w01 for first week.

    Brighton is a very nice idea!! I hope everything runs better than you imagined! I am very proud to be part of it on the show. 🙂

    I am trying to organize something like that here in Lisbon (I will be here until 16th January), but i didn’t prepare anything beside the space and equipment. it will happen, i just don’t know exactly when.


  3. This is Lisbon but the boys are not portuguese. Good music, nice video, but poor dog…

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