5 thoughts on “books talk”

  1. Fantastic! Did you see the way she started to finger her books, then touch her neck, then her chest…?! They’re SO gonna get it on. He was a pretty passionate guy. She liked that. Pity they’ll probably never see this!

    Boring technical note – I actually went to your Blip channel and then to the individual Blip video page for this video so that I could choose to watch the Quicktime MOV version, because the colours on the flash conversion were quite dull and I wanted to see how it compared to the original. And having seen it, I think you should embed these as MOVs with a Flash option for the few people who don’t have Quicktime – it really makes a difference to watch this in nice clear video with warmer colours.

    1. Hi Rupert,

      so nice to read your comment and thats so good you liked it. these kind of “video photos” are intuitively easier for me to “find” and produce. i am still very much in the beginning of having some rhythm / pace on my video editing “work”.

      i really liked these scene because it was like a projected film with that natural frame on it, really great to just capture and publish. and happily we live good times so that we have videoblogs and we can share our video this way.

      and you are right she touches the pages in the corner in a very peculiar way and it seems very emotional indeed.

      and i changed the default play to play in quicktime, it seems less dull, i must have used the smaller bit rate thinking that it would work ok but somehow it compromised the blip.tv flash conversion.


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