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Amanda Across America

Amanda Congdon is back and in my opinion is much better than it was before.

The way I see it, Rocketboom was a much more young cable tv type of program with the difference in the budget and the way it was broadcasted and received… And I am not saying that it wasn’t very important, it really made a turn-point in the way last mile broadcast can be done.

But now with this new Amanda Across America, you will have a lot more, because now the content and form is much more creative, different and experimental. I could say that also it is much more of a vlog than rocketboom ever was.

I hope to write more on this later…

for now I leave you with her new vlog / project!

amanda across america - and so, it begins.

| and so, it begins | Josh Wolf Behind Bars Again | the wiki | the map

ah ah, someone wrote about Amsterdam, Netherlands in the wiki already… 🙂

two bushims in a row, after all this is the silly season

I am still reorganizing this blog/page, but until that is done, it seems it has been turned in a bush blog, I am sorry, there are days where I just can’t get enough.
I promise to be quick and have more interesting things to talk about…

the first one is from MSNBC and the title is “Is bush an idiot?

the part I feel is funny and strange / different is that I can not imagine this kind of talk in Europe…

the second one has the title “CNN reporter talk dirt on others at Bush katrina speech

I found those two in a friends blog (first, second), thanks Daniel!

the bush pilot

I am trying to restart my blog and vlog stuff. One of the reasons behind it is because i really like to share some very good stuff that I stumble/find on the net.

In this case when I revisited Mindcaster’s vlog, I found this great great video. This video is an interview, in german with english subtitles, with the nice guy, Schlutter, that pilot’s Bush…

(direct link to google)

Enjoy every moment of it!