O muro de berlin e o arquivo da Usenet

Esta entrada:

Nov 10 1989, 4:38 am

Berlin den 10 November 1989


As we sit here in West Berlin this morning, we are just discussing the news
about the wall – its open and may soon be no more!!!!

Amazing sights to see on the way to work this morning – DDR (East German)
cars on the streets, DDR citizens everywhere, traffic jams near the wall,
celebrations in the streets the whole night.

A historic day, and one to be celebrate. During the night, not only did
people cross over via the border crossings, but people also climbed over
the wall, danced on top of it (yes that’s right) and a part of the wall was
even damaged.   Can you picture people dancing on top of the Berlin wall?

Congratulations to the people of East Germany.

Gunter Zschoche, Michael Brady, et al
Nixdorf, Berlin

Esta mensagem está no arquivo da usenet e foi publicada quando o muro em berlim caiu!!! bonito!!! – entrana no groups-beta.google.com, encontrei via binary bonsai: 20 Years of Usenet.