What The Hack !

It’s official! Permit for WTH issued – inform your world!

We unofficially reported this in our previous Newsflash, but it is now as official as it can get: signature and all. We have the permit! It’s always great to have more people recognize that, ehm, well, we’re really not that dangerous.

Please inform everybody in your world that “What The Hack is going on!”. As a result of the WTH-ban-coverage quite some people might still assume that WTH is not taking place. Don’t leave them behind! Forward this newsflash, link to our News-page on http://www.whatthehack.org/news/ , blog, post on your favourite boards and newsgroups, call your friends, do whatever it takes, because camping with all your friends is more fun.

Wiki, field trip to WTH-campsite, volunteers

Anyone interested in volunteering and/or seeing the campsite in advance is welcome to join the gathering at the campsite in Liempde this Saturday, 25th June at 15:00. If you need further information or are looking for a ride, take a look at our new What-The-Wiki on http://wiki.whatthehack.org/WTW/index.php/Current_events

The wiki http://wiki.whatthehack.org/WTW/index.php/Main_Page is buzzing with activity – every volunteer is welcome to contribute, share ideas, help making What The Hack legendary and unforgettable.

You want to offer a helping hand? Send a mail to volunteer (at) whatthehhack (.) org!

What a Program!

The list of speeches and workshops grows steadily and gets regularily updated on http://program.whatthehack.org/events.en.html. Most of the lectures will take place in three large tents, the largest one with a seating capacity of 1500 seats.