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Videoblogging Week 2007 1/7

Este é o meu primeiro vídeo para participar na Videoblogging Week deste ano. Como se nota a minha primeira entrada já vai atrasadíssima… Este vídeo é uma montagem da Arruada na Baixa de Lisboa do candidato Mário Soares na campanha das Presidenciais 2006.

— in english —

This is my first video for this year’s Videoblogging Week. As you see I am running very late… This video shows the walking in downtown Lisbon that a Presidential candidate – Mário Soares, did in the 2006 Presidential Election.

links: Biografia de Mário Soares (em português).

“Thoughts on music”, from Steve Jobs or Howto Kill the DRM stuff right now!

Why would the big four music companies agree to let Apple and others distribute their music without using DRM systems to protect it? The simplest answer is because DRMs haven’t worked, and may never work, to halt music piracy. Though the big four music companies require that all their music sold online be protected with DRMs, these same music companies continue to sell billions of CDs a year which contain completely unprotected music. That’s right! No DRM system was ever developed for the CD, so all the music distributed on CDs can be easily uploaded to the Internet, then (illegally) downloaded and played on any computer or player.
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When do you want to SHIFT?

SHIFT, social and human ideas for technology
28 and 29 September 2006

SHiFT - Social and Human Ideas For Technology

SHiFT will be all about emerging technologies, whether they’re the latest internet trend or the latest social or psychological development. SHiFT will evolve around five major areas, and the idea is to have contributions about them from all sections of society:

People and Technology
Knowledge Management
Civic Participation
Rights, Liberties and Privacy for the Digital Age
New forms of Economics

Apart from the Conference (program and speakers), there are going to be four workshops on September 26 to 27th:
Designing the Next Generation of Web Applications with Peter Merholz
Creativity with Dannie Jost & Henriette Weber Andersen

This event wasn’t possible without the perseverance of Pedro Custódio (organization), and I personally thank him for trying to do some shifting in Portugal, unfortunately I couldn’t visit him and this great event.

I wish all the best for this event and for the lucky ones that are going. 🙂

Music lobby threatens Apple iTunes

These news are getting more visible each day…

this article / discussion at the Slashdot is interesting reading.

Music Industry Threatens to Pull Plug on Apple

Or like oil companies asking automobile manufacturers to share their profits.

According to Apple, the original goal of the iTunes Music Store (ITMS) was to sell more iPods. In fact, they didn’t expect it to be profitable at all – but now it commands a sizable share of Apple’s quarterly revenue.

Having observed their behavior in the past, I fully believe that the music industry really believes that they are doing Apple a favor and that they can cut Apple off.
If they close iTunes, iPod users will just rip their own music (and share it) leaving 0 revenue.

It’s probably just a bluff, but if the Music Industry does go through with this it would be incredibly stupid of them. I know it would be contrary to their agreements with Apple Records, but if the music execs do go ahead with this, I think Apple should start selling music directly from the musicians rather than going through the labels. They could simultaneously reduce the prices and give the musicians much more than they get under their current contracts.

Ford and GM announced today that unless Exxon and Shell start sharing gasoline revenues, future SUVs will run on ethanol.

The recording industry never saw a cash cow they didn’t want to kill.

iTunes is a very interesting solution for distributing music in a digital and network world.

the dream is if we could bypass this greedy companies altogether… at list Apple proposes something that we could even in some sense describe as fair trade.

i hope people see who is right and who is wrong in all this story.

the other day i read that a band edited by Sony, had to publish in their site an help text explaining how to do if you wanted to rip theirs audio cd for the computer… it was fun to read about that!


Home Cinema caseiro!!

E eu que pensava que mesmo as mousses e o arroz doce é que com sorte ainda eram caseiros…

Encontrei quase por acaso umas páginas na Internet sobre a construção de sofisticados projectores de vídeo LCD caseiros. impressionante!! A maioria não é muito portátil, mas aparentemente a qualidade e características que se conseguem atingir é muito boa mesmo.

Numa das galerias de fotos, há para todos os gostos e até já vendem kits com as várias peças necessárias… muitos são em madeira e tudo, alguns bem integrados na mobília, e há um que até inclui o computador para vêr os vídeos armazenados nele.

Estas páginas encontrei-as nuns comentários numa questão proposta no Engadget.

(esta entrada estava esquecida em draft…)

Ascii project in Amsterdam

I had already read something about the ascii project from the Internet, but now that I am trying to get to know more, it’s really getting more interesting.

for now I am just publishing some links:

ascii moves to the javastraat — Ascii

ASCII site (in english)

ASCII has a interesting translation “Amsterdam Subversive Center for Information Interchange”.

The project involves a place (in a squat), where you can use the internet, get to learn things about it, and there is lots of recycling, use and abuse of open source.

It’s a very nice project and I intend to learn much more and maybe try to help wherever I can.

I will listen to talk at the WTH – “Community wireless NL”, Wireless networks in Amsterdam and Leiden (Rudi Van Drunen, Jaap and Rop Gonggrijp), where there will be some talk about another very interesting project… – Amsterdam Network Collective – een draadloos (internet) netwerk in Amsterdam.

We will see.

What The Hack !

It’s official! Permit for WTH issued – inform your world!

We unofficially reported this in our previous Newsflash, but it is now as official as it can get: signature and all. We have the permit! It’s always great to have more people recognize that, ehm, well, we’re really not that dangerous.

Please inform everybody in your world that “What The Hack is going on!”. As a result of the WTH-ban-coverage quite some people might still assume that WTH is not taking place. Don’t leave them behind! Forward this newsflash, link to our News-page on , blog, post on your favourite boards and newsgroups, call your friends, do whatever it takes, because camping with all your friends is more fun.

Wiki, field trip to WTH-campsite, volunteers

Anyone interested in volunteering and/or seeing the campsite in advance is welcome to join the gathering at the campsite in Liempde this Saturday, 25th June at 15:00. If you need further information or are looking for a ride, take a look at our new What-The-Wiki on

The wiki is buzzing with activity – every volunteer is welcome to contribute, share ideas, help making What The Hack legendary and unforgettable.

You want to offer a helping hand? Send a mail to volunteer (at) whatthehhack (.) org!

What a Program!

The list of speeches and workshops grows steadily and gets regularily updated on Most of the lectures will take place in three large tents, the largest one with a seating capacity of 1500 seats.