“true stories” ?!? or sad stories?

Today I read some things that really got to me, and this time aren’t about bush…


the first one is from UK and talks about people spitting in bus drivers face and DNA kits, or ‘spit kits’ as they call it!?!? got it in from boing boing – “London bus-drivers carrying DNA kits for catching face-spitters London bus-drivers are being equipped with DNA sample kits with which to capture spittle when irate passengers spit on them.”.


the second story is from USA and Hurricane Katrina… it seems that the guy, named Marc Morice, who saved same people with a boat, is being sued for using it without permission… 🙁
old story here and this story here (nola.com).

From The Times Picayune, august 26, 2006, by Steve Ritea (nola.com):

“I don’t know where we would be today if it weren’t for him,” Molly Gordon, Gordon’s wife of 65 years, said Friday.

The lawsuit contends that boat owner John M. Lyons Jr. suffered his own distress, in the form of “grief, mental anguish, embarrassment and suffering . . . due to the removal of the boat,” as well as its replacement costs.

Molly Gordon said she was baffled by the lawsuit.

“This man should be so grateful he had a boat that saved lives,” she said.

During a news conference at his Napoleon Avenue home Friday, Morice and his attorney, Joseph A. Marino III, displayed photographs and showed video Morice took in the neighborhood, which showed desperate high-water scenes accompanied by a bone-chilling soundtrack of screams and pounding, apparently from people trapped inside attics.

Lyons’ boat, an 18-foot, 1998-model 180 Sea Sport, was one of three Morice said he commandeered after water started rising in the neighborhood. Morice said one of the other boat owners told him he was glad Morice had been able to hot-wire his boat — Morice said he actually got instructions on how to do it from Yamaha customer service — and the other boat owner apparently has not complained.


And the last story is a old video from Jon Stewart Daily show (with Stephen Colbert) about some talking about the Prince Charles and whatever tabu sexual experience he had when was younger. video in youtube.com. just pure fun!


and also in my small local life some lowlife took my bike. argh!

I don’t get it why supposedly normal people still buys those ten euro stolen bicycles, do they really think they’re smarter than the rest of us?

If it’s about price, why don’t you buy them recycled 2nd hand as I do? I leave the site here for you – www.recycledbicycles.org , I do think that 30-50 euros for a bike is a nice and honest price, don’t you?