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Liberdade da Mulher

Resposta a uma mulher com o nome Mariana que escreveu um breve comentário no blog dos jovens pelo sim.

Minha Querida Mariana,

É verdadeiramente surreal que se sirva de imagens de abortos.

Está visto que quer continuar a encher a sua galeria de fotografias com mais abortos, pois normalmente são fotos de abortos ilegais e executados sem qualquer condição.

E olhe, se não tem capacidade de argumentação então não partcipe. Espero que também seja contra as várias guerras que existem em todo o mundo bem como espero que apoie todas as crianças que já existem em todo o mundo e que sobrevivem sem condições.

Se acha realmente que todas as crianças devem ser desejadas e amadas pelo(s) seu(s) pai(s), também poderia partilhar connosco se já é mãe, se está a pensar adoptar ou se na realidade quer que os filhos do “código penal” que tanto deseja que existam, sejam na realidade crianças e futuros adultos que não são desejados nem têm direito a qualquer amor de seus pais.

Provavelmente até é contra a adopção por parte dos casais homosexuais. O que é deveras interessante de todos os pontos de vista. Restringe assim o acesso a um universo de pais e mães que efectivamente desejam e estão dispostos a dar um lar harmonioso para mais crianças sedentas desses lares.

E elas efectivamente existem e são muitas as que estão por adoptar.

E como mulher? Pelo menos pelo nome pressuponho que o seja, acha mesmo interessante que a partir do momento em que tem uma gravidez deve ficar sem qualquer direito de decisão do seu próprio futuro, acha mesmo razoável que uma mulher possa ficar refém de algo que é absolutamente dependente dela até pelo menos os 6 meses e que como tod@s sabemos é na realidade dependente de nós até morrermos.

Isso a mim não soa a nada de maravilhoso, a mim, quase que parece uma maldição, e na realidade não imagino a carga que pode ter nesse contexto qualquer relação sexual, pois qualquer meio de protecção pode falhar.

E sabe Mariana, garanto-lhe que tudo isso não tem rigorosamente nada a ver com o desejo de ser mãe ou pai, pois creio que quer os pais quer os filhos têm o direito de ser desejados e de ter uma relação aceite por tod@s e não imposta por ninguém, muito menos por uma lei inscrita no código penal.

E o seu “Não” é portanto pelo Não direito da mulher de decidir pela sua própria vida e ainda mais tendo em conta que muitas jovens adolescentes já podem ser mães… está mesmo a retirar a possibilidade de decisão sobre uma ainda tão curta vida. É triste e ainda mais sendo uma mulher a fazer essa campanha. muito triste.

Eu voto SIM!

Pois desejo que uma mulher possa viver a sua sexualidade em liberdade e que a não perca num momento de tomar uma decisão tão importante como essa de gerar uma vida para este nosso mundo.

sem mais,
Zé Nuno.

“true stories” ?!? or sad stories?

Today I read some things that really got to me, and this time aren’t about bush…


the first one is from UK and talks about people spitting in bus drivers face and DNA kits, or ‘spit kits’ as they call it!?!? got it in from boing boing – “London bus-drivers carrying DNA kits for catching face-spitters London bus-drivers are being equipped with DNA sample kits with which to capture spittle when irate passengers spit on them.”.


the second story is from USA and Hurricane Katrina… it seems that the guy, named Marc Morice, who saved same people with a boat, is being sued for using it without permission… 🙁
old story here and this story here (

From The Times Picayune, august 26, 2006, by Steve Ritea (

“I don’t know where we would be today if it weren’t for him,” Molly Gordon, Gordon’s wife of 65 years, said Friday.

The lawsuit contends that boat owner John M. Lyons Jr. suffered his own distress, in the form of “grief, mental anguish, embarrassment and suffering . . . due to the removal of the boat,” as well as its replacement costs.

Molly Gordon said she was baffled by the lawsuit.

“This man should be so grateful he had a boat that saved lives,” she said.

During a news conference at his Napoleon Avenue home Friday, Morice and his attorney, Joseph A. Marino III, displayed photographs and showed video Morice took in the neighborhood, which showed desperate high-water scenes accompanied by a bone-chilling soundtrack of screams and pounding, apparently from people trapped inside attics.

Lyons’ boat, an 18-foot, 1998-model 180 Sea Sport, was one of three Morice said he commandeered after water started rising in the neighborhood. Morice said one of the other boat owners told him he was glad Morice had been able to hot-wire his boat — Morice said he actually got instructions on how to do it from Yamaha customer service — and the other boat owner apparently has not complained.


And the last story is a old video from Jon Stewart Daily show (with Stephen Colbert) about some talking about the Prince Charles and whatever tabu sexual experience he had when was younger. video in just pure fun!


and also in my small local life some lowlife took my bike. argh!

I don’t get it why supposedly normal people still buys those ten euro stolen bicycles, do they really think they’re smarter than the rest of us?

If it’s about price, why don’t you buy them recycled 2nd hand as I do? I leave the site here for you – , I do think that 30-50 euros for a bike is a nice and honest price, don’t you?

Operation Eden (or Katrina survivor photos)

Operation Eden

A personal chronicle of what hurricane Katrina has done to my poor proud people.

from the author:

clayton james cubitt’s mom was a teenage runaway, go-go dancing at a club on bourbon street in new orleans. his dad was a canadian national running pot over the border from mexico. they met, married, and moved to los angeles, conceiving him on the trip in the back of a vw bus at dinosaur national park in utah. now he takes pictures and lives in brooklyn. he grew up in new orleans and the gulf coast, where his family still lives. He is also known as siege, and all of these images originally appeared on his photo journal for

you must see this for yourself.

Mothers against the big RIAA!

these are refreshing good news:

By now, you’ll have probably guessed the club members are all women being brutally victimized by EMI, Universal, Warner and Sony BMG, the huge, multi-billion-dollar record label cartel that’s using its immense financial and political weight and deep, dark connections to law enforcement agencies in a bizarre marketing scheme.

Instead of wooing customers, it’s suing them and so far, it’s clocked up close to 14,000 people.

But the significance of the three women isn’t that they’re among the unfortunate victims.

Rather, they stand out because they’re standing up, defying the Mafia-like labels and their teams of hired legal thugs who work through ‘Settlement Centers’ which aim to terrorize people into paying ‘fees’ which usually start out at $7,500 to be ‘negotiated’ down to around $3,500.

[ text from an article: “The ‘We’re Not Taking Any More’ club” ]

the link was first seen in slashdot, where you can read a great first post / phrase:
Now that the women are taking care of business, crap will get done.

and at present what i am seeing in the end of the discussion is also interesting ( i have included the signature because it made sense of course):
“Why does the Motherhood of these women matter?”

Because mothers, especially single mothers, have the second-highest political value of all, right behind children. It’s all about who you can march out in front of the television cameras.

Nobody cares about the rights of college students.

“Liberté, egalité, fraternité” also makes for an interesting order of priorities.


Guerilla Drive-Ins

Outdoor Home Theater Digital Homes for Everyone

Dolores Park Movie Night

MobMov: A mobile movie guerilla drive-in in Berkeley, CA
What is the MobileMovie?
We are a grassroots movement aimed at bringing back the forgotten joy of the great American drive-in. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, what used to be a dark and decrepit warehouse wall springs to life with the sublime sights and sounds of a big screen movie. Best of all, the MobMov is free.

Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In
Start Your Own Guerilla Drive-In
Guerilla Drive-Ins are springing up everywhere from LA to NY, in big cities and little towns. People are rejecting the idea of the $10 movie (twenty with popcorn and a soda) and embracing the idea of the do-it-yourself movie free to the community.

Guerilla Drive-Ins – Gizmodo


Hurricane Katrina IV

this time is a flash video in the you really have to see it… there are no words that can describe what is still happening over there in New Orleans, and you really have to think it could be you there in the attic waiting…

the movie: Current TV // Blog // Citizen Rescue

[ i saw it first in Citizen Rescue – Movie of the Week, and it was first published in 2005/09/01 ]

Hurricane Katrina II

when i did the first post i forgot some other urls that i had found.

one of them is this blog of a IT team and his business DirectNIC (old address: The Interdictor) – This journal has become the Survival of New Orleans blog. In less perilous times it was simply a blog for me to talk smack and chat with friends. Now this journal exists to share firsthand experience of the disaster and its aftermath with anyone interested.. from them i show some photos: Katrina Aftermath – September 6, 2005, Helicopters vs. Fire and Katrina Aftermath – Stench, Stragglers, and Stagnant Water.

i found this link originally in Slashdot, but then i see that is also on the register: Heroic New Orleans hosting outfit battles on | The Register and What kind of moron are you? | The Register.

and in the meantine we have more links:

New Orleans to enjoy free Wi-Fi access | The RegisterWhile we’re not entirely convinced that the company has actually been watching the TV footage of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina – and let’s be honest, swimming to the nearest Starbucks to enjoy a double mocha chocka latte decaf while, ahem, surfing the web as the Louisiana National Guard battle gamely to protect the store’s blueberry muffins from looters – the company can at least be applauded for the gesture.

Drone aircraft to search for Big Easy survivors | The RegisterFive unmanned, remote-controlled drone aircraft, intended to seek out survivors of Hurricane Katrina, are on their way to Baton Rouge after a US congressman took it upon himself to “obtain” the vehicles from a private company.

on slashdot they talk about a wired article: Too Many People in Nature’s Way“The bottom line is we have a very unsafe planet.”.

Slashdot | PayPal Freezes Hurricane Relief Account

Slashdot | Katrina Hits the Gaming WorldWith a tee-shirt you can purchase from Bungie’s store: ‘Just so that we’re clear, of the $19.95 the shirt costs, about $15 in cleared funds will go straight to the Red Cross and directly to the disaster relief. Nobody, not Bungie, the Bungie store, or the distributor will clear a penny profit.’

Wired News: Sonic ‘Lasers’ Head to Flood Zone (from slashdot) – Representatives of both companies say that within days, they will ship some units of their respective products to areas hit by Hurricane Katrina, so authorities can use the tools for crowd control, aid distribution and rescue operations..

Slashdot | Technology In Katrina’s Wake – in here you will find the project: Katrina public web kiosk project wants volunteers.

Slashdot | Post-Katrina Images on Google Maps“Satellite imagery of New Orleans taken on Wednesday, August 31st is now available on Google Maps. Enter ‘New Orleans’ in the search field at the top of the page, or drag and zoom the map to the area. A red ‘Katrina’ button will appear at the top right of the map, next to the existing map buttons. Older images for the area are still available too – click the “Satellite” button to switch to those.”.

we are seeing lots of people trying to help, trying to inform, trying to put people in contact, also collecting money, and unfortunately there is also people trying to get advantage of this all situation… let’s hope the good guys win.

one thing i see that for me is somehow interesting is that the ham people still is typically a good bunch of people, because we start to look in a group that works in telecommunication and helping others and you see them everywhere and in good numbers. a very good example is the VoIP team from, in that list you have, and just to give some names / cases, the Mark from Asterisk / Digium (the open source PBX VoIP that everyone is talking about), the Jeremy from Nufone and Mark Cohen from the Jhai project deploying Pedal Powered PCs and VoIP in Laos as well…

i end with one more quote from Luís Costa Ribas “blog”: Já agora, vinha mesmo a calhar um banho de chuveiro, mas para não variar vou dormir no carro.

and last but not list, i am very proud to have a link in glória facil blog (automatic translation to english by babelfish).