5 thoughts on “london tube”

  1. Ah, close to home!
    Curiously mesmerising and oddly pretty. Was waiting for her to see the camera, which added a subtle level of tension.

  2. So great. This is what I’m like on the bus home from work. This also feels like the beginning of a story or a larger work. Nice work.

  3. Hi! glad you liked it.

    the camera was on my lap all the time and so it was as good as invisible.

    I like the expression of her, and what it is strange is that there moments where it feels like it is going in slow motion but it isn’t.

    thanks for you very nice comments. I feel bad because on the last days I had not time to catchup on your videos 🙁

    Full force ahead for last days on NaVloPoMo07!

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