3 thoughts on “london tube 2”

  1. when you marry this one, you can be certain of what you are gonna get. was the conversation interesting?
    good luck with the project.

  2. She only seems to notice you right at the end. Very discreet. Nice moment of interaction between (?) mother and (?) daughter.

  3. Hi! I must have been filming with the camera in my hand but I suppose I wasn’t seeing very well what I was doing.

    And I too think it has to be mother and daughter.
    What I like most, and also makes as feel uncomfortable is that it really seems a very intimate glimpse of those two women chatting in a public space.

    And the take has originally more seconds and it is the moment I cut out that makes it seem like she sees the camera, but I think she does not, it is just the way i stop it here.

    @esfero on the soundtrack i suppose we can listen to the conversation, but I made the editing almost without sound. …and it seems I was and am not curious enough to go and listen again.

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