2 thoughts on “KaffeeHaus, Chiado, Lisboa”

  1. I’ve always wanted to go to Lisbon. Love the way you’ve put this together. And that cafe looks like my sort of place! I have Portuguese friends who tell me Lisbon coffee is superb. I really must visit.

  2. Hi Robert,

    this place is very nice, every time i go to lisbon i go there and have a caffe latte 🙂

    i am very delayed on my videos, but i have some more to do edit about other places in lisbon and hopefully i will make some also about places in Amsterdam. this video is in portuguese because i made it for a portuguese blog i am part – http://5dias.net .

    Its also my first video made with a Nokia N82 (SD MP4). I like the simplicity of making pictures with a phone you have always with you, the chances of recording some types of videos just increases.

    And its true, there are several nice cafe’s in Lisbon. i will try to record some next time i go there. after all it will also make a nice videos series. 🙂

    Rgds, ZN

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