Estes são alguns dos vídeos que eu desenvolvi para a Conferêrencia SHIFT (tv).
Espero que gostem. irão haver mais, mais tarde.

Here you have some of the videos i made for SHIFT (tv) conference that has now ended in Lisbon, Portugal. I am still producing more of them, hope you enjoy these.

Graphics made by ActiveMedia and i must add that those videos were happily made with Henriette Weber.

3 thoughts on “SHIFT tv”

  1. I think “awesome” describes SHiFT :)… poor Nancy got cut off…

    Glad to see Portugal has an outlet for these types of conversations!

  2. Great work! Love it when events like this are cut together. Glad you’re videoing and posting again! Hope you’re well. 🙂

  3. Hi!

    @NunoXEI the cut off was part of that particular game and worked out nicely eheheh 🙂
    Yeah! it was my first time on SHIFT but liked it a lot, i was involved in getting internet access for the participants & in making some videos about it.

    @Robert Nice that you liked it. I didn’t record much stuff unfortunately but i still have some material and will do more videos. Hope to record more and publish earlier too.

    Those videos were recorded with my Nokia N82, i really like the informal picture you get with it. Its hard sometimes to get it stable but overall is a nice experience.
    I still have some more videos to put online later on. and the sessions will be officially online too.

    And the SHIFT conference is getting scheduled for 2009 very soon. It is mainly a very social gathering of mixed geeks and less geeks… liked it a lot.


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