quem lê as nossas reclamações e desabafos sobre marcas e serviços?

Parece que algumas empresas estão a começar a “ler blogs” como parte dos seus estudos de mercado…

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numa entrada do slash podemos ler:

It’s been a maxim in customer service for a very long time that a single angry customer cancels out the effect of twenty (or insert some 10 thousands of happy customers, simply because so many people are using the Internet for research now. We had an issue with Acer lately, started a campaign, got some great positions on general Acer related keywords on Google (thanks to a blog), and even ran some Adwords slating them. Hopefully it lost them quite a few sales.

Likewise, I had an issue at a Travelodge motel, and they did not acknowledge my complaint at all. My story (on my blog) was picked up by a newspaper here in the UK and suddenly Travelodge were very apologetic. That said, Travelodge did a very good job of accomodating us, and my faith in them is very much renewed.

But, yes, blogs really amplify opinion, especially if it gets picked up by Google nicely 😉 (There was also the case of the lock company whose locks could be picked with a biro pen, they failed to rectify the situation, and the blogosphere hit them hard.)
(Peter Cooper).