Hurricane Katrina

by curiosity and because i really wanted to try and understand what a lot of people is doing to help, i have collected some links. they are not particularly organized.

PART-15.ORG Archives Emergency-Relief List (PART-15.ORG Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts)

VoIP team (from Archives Message) – “We have about 10 people in the team currently. We`re looking for anyone who`s got some VoIP knowledge and isn`t otherwise committed to P15`s efforts. Please don`t sign up if you`re already on another team! I don`t want to suck talent away from WiFi/RF stuff or anything else.” (The P15-voip archive). by curiosity: one of the persons on this list, Mark Cohen, has also been on the Jhai project deploying Pedal Powered PCs and VoIP in Laos.

The Air Care Alliance – “The Air Care Alliance is a nationwide league of humanitarian flying organizations whose volunteer pilots are dedicated to community service.

Hurricane Katrina Resources – “Responding to the devastation in the Gulf Coast region of the U.S. as a result of Hurricane Katrina, the National Air Transportation Association (NATA) is making every effort to assist in recovery efforts. Our heartfelt and deepest sympathies are extended to those who have lost loved ones as a result of the hurricane. | Helping people find housing information

some local blogs (from Glória Fácil, that saw the links in Blasfémias):
Kaye’s Hurricane
The Times-Picayune blog

a “blog” on fox news: – FOX Fan – Harrigan on the Hunt – Alone and Afraid

the impressions by Luís Costa Ribas, reporter that SIC sent to New Orleans and that said that was sleeping in his car, because there were no other place to go (in portuguese). it seems to be a blog – “Domingo, 4 de Setembro

Acordei às seis e quinze da manhã, dorido e mal descansado. Às sete horas da manhã (hora de Lisboa) tenho o primeiro directo para o Primeiro Jornal. O jantar tinha sido barras de cereais, proteínas e água. O pequeno-almoço foi barras de cereais, proteínas, água e um refresco enlatado de cafeína.

Sinto-me pouco à vontade, tal como os restantes jornalistas. Olhamo-nos por cima do ombro, a passar os toalhetes no tronco e a mudar de t-shirt junto ao carro, na rua, transformando rituais privados em relutantes espectáculos públicos.

# update on 2005/09/06 15:40h
how could i forgot the indymedia link:
New Orleans Independent Media Center

the links i am publishing here are influenced by my attraction to follow one theme that i think is very very important nowadays: the use you can give to the new technologies in places that suffered some natural or not so natural devastation. i am talking about reestablishing communications, give tools to the various organizations that are trying to work side by side. all that coordination and also the talking to the base has to go trough some new channels, and for that you can use Wi-Fi, long distance Wi-Fi, Mesh networks, VoIP, satellite IP communications, and of course all the natural group-ware (web) software you can get to put all those people talking to each-other and to theirs mother-ships…

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