“The Potted Plant Test”

I saw this article in asterisco, that talked about this entry in tlog, but i really wanted the original entry: Way of the Mind » The Potted Plant Test.

Go and read it. i never saw this things in first hand because i am from many time a self-employed person, but this real is a thing someone should pay attention to.

The Potted Plant Test

As an Unix/Linux sysadmin, I’ve worked at many places, compared to many people I know, who have been where they are for 5 years or more. I’ve done several kinds of jobs (thankfully, most of them related to my skills), and met many colleagues… and bosses.

And I tend to have a problem with the latter.
Not real “conflicts”, I don’t usually have them. But I’ve been in several places (and, indeed, am in one now) where everything would be almost perfect – colleagues, environment, the work itself – except for one imbecile who ruins everything – and who happens to be my boss.