Hurricane Katrina II

when i did the first post i forgot some other urls that i had found.

one of them is this blog of a IT team and his business DirectNIC (old address: The Interdictor) – This journal has become the Survival of New Orleans blog. In less perilous times it was simply a blog for me to talk smack and chat with friends. Now this journal exists to share firsthand experience of the disaster and its aftermath with anyone interested.. from them i show some photos: Katrina Aftermath – September 6, 2005, Helicopters vs. Fire and Katrina Aftermath – Stench, Stragglers, and Stagnant Water.

i found this link originally in Slashdot, but then i see that is also on the register: Heroic New Orleans hosting outfit battles on | The Register and What kind of moron are you? | The Register.

and in the meantine we have more links:

New Orleans to enjoy free Wi-Fi access | The RegisterWhile we’re not entirely convinced that the company has actually been watching the TV footage of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina – and let’s be honest, swimming to the nearest Starbucks to enjoy a double mocha chocka latte decaf while, ahem, surfing the web as the Louisiana National Guard battle gamely to protect the store’s blueberry muffins from looters – the company can at least be applauded for the gesture.

Drone aircraft to search for Big Easy survivors | The RegisterFive unmanned, remote-controlled drone aircraft, intended to seek out survivors of Hurricane Katrina, are on their way to Baton Rouge after a US congressman took it upon himself to “obtain” the vehicles from a private company.

on slashdot they talk about a wired article: Too Many People in Nature’s Way“The bottom line is we have a very unsafe planet.”.

Slashdot | PayPal Freezes Hurricane Relief Account

Slashdot | Katrina Hits the Gaming WorldWith a tee-shirt you can purchase from Bungie’s store: ‘Just so that we’re clear, of the $19.95 the shirt costs, about $15 in cleared funds will go straight to the Red Cross and directly to the disaster relief. Nobody, not Bungie, the Bungie store, or the distributor will clear a penny profit.’

Wired News: Sonic ‘Lasers’ Head to Flood Zone (from slashdot) – Representatives of both companies say that within days, they will ship some units of their respective products to areas hit by Hurricane Katrina, so authorities can use the tools for crowd control, aid distribution and rescue operations..

Slashdot | Technology In Katrina’s Wake – in here you will find the project: Katrina public web kiosk project wants volunteers.

Slashdot | Post-Katrina Images on Google Maps“Satellite imagery of New Orleans taken on Wednesday, August 31st is now available on Google Maps. Enter ‘New Orleans’ in the search field at the top of the page, or drag and zoom the map to the area. A red ‘Katrina’ button will appear at the top right of the map, next to the existing map buttons. Older images for the area are still available too – click the “Satellite” button to switch to those.”.

we are seeing lots of people trying to help, trying to inform, trying to put people in contact, also collecting money, and unfortunately there is also people trying to get advantage of this all situation… let’s hope the good guys win.

one thing i see that for me is somehow interesting is that the ham people still is typically a good bunch of people, because we start to look in a group that works in telecommunication and helping others and you see them everywhere and in good numbers. a very good example is the VoIP team from, in that list you have, and just to give some names / cases, the Mark from Asterisk / Digium (the open source PBX VoIP that everyone is talking about), the Jeremy from Nufone and Mark Cohen from the Jhai project deploying Pedal Powered PCs and VoIP in Laos as well…

i end with one more quote from Luís Costa Ribas “blog”: Já agora, vinha mesmo a calhar um banho de chuveiro, mas para não variar vou dormir no carro.

and last but not list, i am very proud to have a link in glória facil blog (automatic translation to english by babelfish).