6 thoughts on “books”

  1. Hi Ernmander,
    Glad you liked it!
    What i like most in it, is the apparent “competition” for the space to observe and manipulate the books: the lady from the couple almost pushes the middle guy, following the moment she takes some book from down under, and then “makes the point” of “reading” it in that impossible space between them. Its almost aggressive in doing it. 🙂
    Lovely! isn’t it? 🙂

  2. Hi Croma!
    Books are always a great theme 😉
    Both of these videos are just like real life “begging” to be recorded and turned in short movies for our future enjoyment. 🙂
    Really glad you liked it, you are definitely one of my preferred video makers. I sure hope you get to make more of your great videos sooner than later. 🙂

  3. & the way the man in the centre keeps looking at her, like ‘ok you can move along now, get off my lawn’

    great captured moments!

  4. Hi Kath,
    that’s so true! 🙂
    thanks for watching! its hard to make and try to watch everyone!
    Keep VloMo10 alive! 😉

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