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vlog para ensaios de vídeo…

canal leaves

Today it was another day without anytime to do anything on our NaVloPoMo07. this images were recorded on saturday and here you have them.

I promise to try and do some editing and also because that is what i fear most, i always think my edited stuff loses rhythm and so i really have to try and educate and train myself this month, and i am sure the comments on that stuff should teach and make me improve it. 🙂

For now i have this moving picture and sound to offer, hope it is entertaining.

seagulls on the river tagus * lisbon, portugal

more seagulls this time i recorded them on lisbon on the dock. in this video i tried one trick called smoothcam, it was not so interesting in the first take, but it takes so much time to render that i am not going to turn off that filter on the first clip, the second benefits of the filter… bah. enough rumbling geek stuff.

i hope its more relaxing, especially after Robert Croma of yesterday that i just seen some minutes ago (“The Natural History Museum”).

I have lots of video to watch, sorry for that. i blame it on work. 😉

Zeca Medeiros em homenagem a Zeca Afonso

Zeca Medeiros em… “Torna Viagem” em concerto no OndaJazz, em 5 de Outubro de 2007
com Paulo Borges (piano) e Gil Alves (percurssões, flauta e Glockenspiel)
e convidados especiais: Mariana Abrunheiro e João Domingos

Para quem estiver interessado em comprar o último disco do Zeca, ele pode ser encontrado nesta loja online (não tenho comissão, mas sou amigo do Zeca).

Vídeo | 2007/10/17 em ante-estreia no 5dias.