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Francisco Louçã [ teaser ]

Today I have not much time and I wanted to tease you about my last part of the Presidential Elections in 2006 Portugal, and I am going to post one of these days the Francisco Louçã candidate.

For now I leave you with a teaser in unedited form and from the beginning of his street campaign.

Franscisco Louçã was the candidate from the Bloco de Esquerda party (Left block party(?) see BE and esquerda.net).

hope you enjoy.

NaVloPoMo07 #16

— em português | in portuguese —

Hoje não terei muito tempo e gostava de vos deixar com um teaser  do que há de ser a última parte dos meus vídeos sobre as Eleições Presidenciais 2006. Num dos próximos dias publicarei o vídeo do Francisco Louçã.

Para já deixo-vos com um teaser em forma não editada e do início da campanha de rua (Martim Moniz). Franscico Louçã foi o candidado do Partido Bloco de Esquerda (ver BE and esquerda.net).

Espero que gostem.

Fátima 2000

For this NaVloPoMo experiment that we are doing, I really want to learn how to do the editing and get good pace and story telling. At the same time I intend to review some of my miniDV and HDV archive and explore that as a way to try new things with these old material. Most of these tapes were solely recorded and never played…

I went and fetched one and a “half” tapes of a visit I did to Fátima Sanctuary in Portugal, I have to say that I am not catholic and so I went to see what was the scene. It was on May 13th of 2000 and on those particular days the Pope John Paul II visited the place and told the third secret of Fátima.

I want to do some movies about this trip, but today is to late and so I leave you with just this, I recorded this minutes after getting there for the first time.

NaVloPoMo07 #14

Jerónimo de Sousa desce o Chiado

Portuguese Presidential Elections in January 2006

What we see here is the Communist and Green Party Alliance (CDU) candidate, Jerónimo de Sousa, doing campaign on Chiado street, that is in downtown Lisbon.

This is my second video from that Presidential Election, the first one was about Mário Soares, the Socialist Party (PS) candidate – http://despauterio.net/2007/04/04/videoblogging-week-2007-17/ (my sole and unique video for videoblogging-week-2007).

It is like 5 mins long and tries to show you how the typical street political campaign works in Portugal.


— (in portuguese now) —

Presidenciais Portuguesas de Janeiro de 2006

O que vemos aqui é o candidato da aliança do Partido Comunista e dos Verdes (CDU), Jerónimo de Sousa, a fazer a sua campanha na descida do Chiado, na baixa de Lisboa.

Este é o meu segundo vídeo sobre as eleições presidenciais de 2006, o primeiro era sobre o Mário Soares, o candidato do Partido Socialista (PS) – http://despauterio.net/2007/04/04/videoblogging-week-2007-17/ (foi a minha única entrada na videoblogging-week-2007).

Este pequeno filme tem cerca de 5 minutos de duração e tenta mostrar como acontece a campanha política de rua em Portugal.

canal leaves

Today it was another day without anytime to do anything on our NaVloPoMo07. this images were recorded on saturday and here you have them.

I promise to try and do some editing and also because that is what i fear most, i always think my edited stuff loses rhythm and so i really have to try and educate and train myself this month, and i am sure the comments on that stuff should teach and make me improve it. 🙂

For now i have this moving picture and sound to offer, hope it is entertaining.