4 thoughts on “The sky is watching you? (my Lumiere attempt)”

  1. The little copter is sweet between those beautiful clouds. Who is watching us?

  2. Hi Erik!

    thanks for your comment, it was really good to find your comment on the mail. It’s very encouraging for my vlog process to really get started.

    as for the (big) question, we never know, and in this case it’s hard to see who was watching who? 🙂

    I was at you vlog and I liked the “my daily stop” (http://not-on.tv/vlog/?p=146) very much.

    I am trying to vlog many more videos this month. We will see what happens, thanks for watching!


  3. Nice! I guess the sky over Holland is justly famous.
    Today it was really hot and the mosquitoes are on the attack! I swear my first impression of the chopper was that it was a bug crawling over the screen 😉

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