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San Francisco TV station Slings the news

I find this article and this idea obvious and had to happen sooner than later. This and the Ustream kind of broadcasts is really going to disturb the status quo of the broadcast media, at list in terms of the way you can do it.

“traditional” media is going to add this to their already big bag of tricks, but anyway this is not going to change the opened possibility for anyone to make a tv internet show with lots of not so expensive tricks 🙂

CNET News.com’s Erica Ogg visits CBS 5 in San Francisco to see how the newsroom is using a Slingbox to get live video feeds for traffic, weather and breaking news instead of relying on standard news vans using satellite signals.

text & video: Consumer device an innovation for TV news crew

Videoblogging Week 2007 1/7

Este Ă© o meu primeiro vĂ­deo para participar na Videoblogging Week deste ano. Como se nota a minha primeira entrada já vai atrasadĂ­ssima… Este vĂ­deo Ă© uma montagem da Arruada na Baixa de Lisboa do candidato Mário Soares na campanha das Presidenciais 2006.

— in english —

This is my first video for this year’s Videoblogging Week. As you see I am running very late… This video shows the walking in downtown Lisbon that a Presidential candidate – Mário Soares, did in the 2006 Presidential Election.

links: Biografia de Mário Soares (em português).