2 thoughts on “VODKA by anoumi”

  1. Gorgeous sounds, beautiful weather, great crowd, wonderful video! More please.

    *Oh, and hello, by the way. 🙂

  2. Hi Robert, nice to hear from you,

    the video is nice because they were really energetic and contagious. 🙂
    they felt so great that i had to do the video… it was very sparsely edited intentionally to maintain the first-look-and-sort-of-candid-way it was originally recorded.

    i have another music video to edit, but its very different, its from a small jazz group. its older and filmed in a temporary squat, and i think i will do that one before making more from anoumi.
    but i have more from them too, that’s true, and also very enjoyable as this one.
    we will se what will come first online. 😉

    And Hello to you Robert,
    i loved your last movie: http://robertcroma.com/2009/03/21/connection-at-passy/
    it was really compelling and in my opinion, very much you. including that aesthetic/visuals that so happily cross the line with motion graphics and photography. you do it so well and subtle. 🙂
    i should have commented there, but the lovely internet will take care of it, and it will appear in a trackback comment anyways. 😉

    Rgds, ZN

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