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two bushims in a row, after all this is the silly season

I am still reorganizing this blog/page, but until that is done, it seems it has been turned in a bush blog, I am sorry, there are days where I just can’t get enough.
I promise to be quick and have more interesting things to talk about…

the first one is from MSNBC and the title is “Is bush an idiot?

the part I feel is funny and strange / different is that I can not imagine this kind of talk in Europe…

the second one has the title “CNN reporter talk dirt on others at Bush katrina speech

I found those two in a friends blog (first, second), thanks Daniel!

Music lobby threatens Apple iTunes

These news are getting more visible each day…

this article / discussion at the Slashdot is interesting reading.

Music Industry Threatens to Pull Plug on Apple

Or like oil companies asking automobile manufacturers to share their profits.

According to Apple, the original goal of the iTunes Music Store (ITMS) was to sell more iPods. In fact, they didn’t expect it to be profitable at all – but now it commands a sizable share of Apple’s quarterly revenue.

Having observed their behavior in the past, I fully believe that the music industry really believes that they are doing Apple a favor and that they can cut Apple off.
If they close iTunes, iPod users will just rip their own music (and share it) leaving 0 revenue.

It’s probably just a bluff, but if the Music Industry does go through with this it would be incredibly stupid of them. I know it would be contrary to their agreements with Apple Records, but if the music execs do go ahead with this, I think Apple should start selling music directly from the musicians rather than going through the labels. They could simultaneously reduce the prices and give the musicians much more than they get under their current contracts.

Ford and GM announced today that unless Exxon and Shell start sharing gasoline revenues, future SUVs will run on ethanol.

The recording industry never saw a cash cow they didn’t want to kill.

iTunes is a very interesting solution for distributing music in a digital and network world.

the dream is if we could bypass this greedy companies altogether… at list Apple proposes something that we could even in some sense describe as fair trade.

i hope people see who is right and who is wrong in all this story.

the other day i read that a band edited by Sony, had to publish in their site an help text explaining how to do if you wanted to rip theirs audio cd for the computer… it was fun to read about that!


Mothers against the big RIAA!

these are refreshing good news:

By now, you’ll have probably guessed the club members are all women being brutally victimized by EMI, Universal, Warner and Sony BMG, the huge, multi-billion-dollar record label cartel that’s using its immense financial and political weight and deep, dark connections to law enforcement agencies in a bizarre marketing scheme.

Instead of wooing customers, it’s suing them and so far, it’s clocked up close to 14,000 people.

But the significance of the three women isn’t that they’re among the unfortunate victims.

Rather, they stand out because they’re standing up, defying the Mafia-like labels and their teams of hired legal thugs who work through ‘Settlement Centers’ which aim to terrorize people into paying ‘fees’ which usually start out at $7,500 to be ‘negotiated’ down to around $3,500.

[ text from an article: “The ‘We’re Not Taking Any More’ club” ]

the link was first seen in slashdot, where you can read a great first post / phrase:
Now that the women are taking care of business, crap will get done.

and at present what i am seeing in the end of the discussion is also interesting ( i have included the signature because it made sense of course):
“Why does the Motherhood of these women matter?”

Because mothers, especially single mothers, have the second-highest political value of all, right behind children. It’s all about who you can march out in front of the television cameras.

Nobody cares about the rights of college students.

“Liberté, egalité, fraternité” also makes for an interesting order of priorities.


iChat AV in CNN interviews…

The big CNN is trying iChat in face-to-face interviews.

I don’t really know why it’s not happening in much more broadcasters.

And i would enjoyed if the people that organizes conferences and such, could use the iChat AV, and it can be very interesting because you can cut costs and time using it.

[ from Macworld UK – CNN commits iChat AV experiment, and the US show is hosted by Wolf Blitzer and is called “Situation Room”. there is one interview with Joi Ito that he talks about in his blog. ]

o vídeo “Era uma vez um Arrastão”

um vídeo de Diana Andringa

Dez de Junho, praia de Carcavelos. Muitos jovens juntam-se ao sol. Há tensão e insultos. Depois chegará a polícia. Às 20h, as televisões apresentam ao país “o arrastão”, um crime massivo, centenas de assaltantes negros, em pleno Dia de Portugal.

O noticiário torna-se narrativa apaixonada de um país de insegurança e “gangs”, terror e vigilância.
A maré engole vários testemunhos sobre uma inventona e o próprio desmentido policial da primeira versão dos incidentes.

“Era uma vez um arrastão” passa em revista um crime que nunca existiu, a atitude dos media perante uma história explosiva e as consequências políticas e sociais de uma notícia falsa. Antes que esta nova crise de pânico passe ao arquivo morto, é necessário inscrevê-la na história da manipulação de massas em Portugal.


vídeos disponíveis em banda larga – 256KB e em banda estreita – 64KB (ambos alojados no

Parabéns ao grupo da Andringa por este vídeo.

BBC reinventada em remix appeal

a BBC mantêm esta capacidade de nos espantar e de abrir novos caminhos nos media institucionais… é engraçado ver uma empresa deste tamanho a tentar acompanhar ou reagir à presente ou futura cultura do remix da Creative Commons…

este novo projecto pode ser visto em: BBC Backstage :: Front Page ::

e está descrito assim nessa página:

Build what you want using BBC content is the BBC’s new developer network, providing content feeds for anyone to build with. Alternatively, share your ideas on new ways to use BBC content. This is your BBC. We want to help you play. is currently in beta as we add new feeds and APIs and develop the service further over the coming weeks and months. Join the email discussion list to tell us how we could improve the service and converse with others about BBC Backstage.

[ vi em Boing Boing: BBC Backstage: tools for remixing the Beeb to your spec ]

nota: ainda nesta linha do remix culture, encontrei e ainda estou a ler uma outra entrada muito interessante: ORG COMM: Documentary Remix Proposal: A Citizens Media Initiative.

um tiro que não devia ter acontecido

fotograma do vídeo do Kevin Sitesesta é a estória triste de um tiro que nunca deveria ter acontecido, que m%da de mundo este em que vivemos para estas e outras coisas acontecerem…


The U.S. Marine Corps announced that it won’t prosecute that Marine corporal, who was not identified, for his actions. Sites was on assignment for NBC on Nov. 13, 2004, and was following a squad into a mosque that the day before insurgents were using to fire on U.S. troops. The Marines were part of a U.S.-led offensive to clear Fallujah of its insurgent strongholds. Sites’ video shows five men wounded from the previous day’s fighting lying on the floor of the mosque. One Marine can be heard shouting to others that a man was only “playing dead.” The Marine corporal in question appears to fire a round from his weapon into the Iraqi’s head, and another Marine says, “Dead now.”

a estória completa e incluindo o vídeo desse momento está em:
Boing Boing: Fallujah mosque shooting video — unedited, for first time.