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San Francisco TV station Slings the news

I find this article and this idea obvious and had to happen sooner than later. This and the Ustream kind of broadcasts is really going to disturb the status quo of the broadcast media, at list in terms of the way you can do it.

“traditional” media is going to add this to their already big bag of tricks, but anyway this is not going to change the opened possibility for anyone to make a tv internet show with lots of not so expensive tricks 🙂

CNET’s Erica Ogg visits CBS 5 in San Francisco to see how the newsroom is using a Slingbox to get live video feeds for traffic, weather and breaking news instead of relying on standard news vans using satellite signals.

text & video: Consumer device an innovation for TV news crew

iphone rant

Everyone is talking about the iPhone from Apple and I wanted to add something. 🙂

Not having 3G is really dummy. even in EUA everyone is talking about EVDO and they are also talking about the 1.8Mbps plus cell network. its funny because we have it in Portugal already working. 😉

Here in the Netherlands, where I am, its much more expensive and slow unfortunately. 🙁

Connected to that but also with the concept of comunication device I was/am expecting it to do iChat AV through wifi and 3G, so it is now missing a small front camera for that.

it is also missing a usb host interface for something you could think about…, and why didn’t they predicted the use of some flash memory card… there are now sizes of 4 GB… and so it could be very helpful.

Let’s hope these and also the 4 and 8 Gb versions get upgraded to something bigger and better.

I suppose that they will me messing with the iPhone and so the commercial version can be somehow different and better.

And last but not list, as Pedro Melo questioned, how can you do some programming on it? dashboard? some new API? how?

no problem. everyone will be talking until the day it sells, and even after that we will be still talking about that… 🙂

There is one more funny detail about all this, the guy from Cingular, made some menaces about anyone who hack the device or use it with another network… I am afraid it is going to be a bigger story by next summer.

ohhh well. I am still mostly waiting for Leopard OS.

Happy 2007 for everyone!

Ascii project in Amsterdam

I had already read something about the ascii project from the Internet, but now that I am trying to get to know more, it’s really getting more interesting.

for now I am just publishing some links:

ascii moves to the javastraat — Ascii

ASCII site (in english)

ASCII has a interesting translation “Amsterdam Subversive Center for Information Interchange”.

The project involves a place (in a squat), where you can use the internet, get to learn things about it, and there is lots of recycling, use and abuse of open source.

It’s a very nice project and I intend to learn much more and maybe try to help wherever I can.

I will listen to talk at the WTH – “Community wireless NL”, Wireless networks in Amsterdam and Leiden (Rudi Van Drunen, Jaap and Rop Gonggrijp), where there will be some talk about another very interesting project… – Amsterdam Network Collective – een draadloos (internet) netwerk in Amsterdam.

We will see.

um telefone antigo mas sem fios… curioso!

depois de ver este projecto só fiquei com pena que já agora não fosse VoIP e WiFi… 🙂

mas aqui têm um projecto minimamente detalhado de um telefone daqueles de plástico com os números em disco (rotary) e que na realidade é um telefone celular… – Spark Fun Electronics.
se desejado até pode ser comprado por quase 400 USD e podem desde já ver o manual de instruções em formato PDF.

Internet no comboio à boleia…

a mala que dá rede... :-)a estória curiosa de um pessoa que oferece rede sem fios durante a comutação diária que faz num comboio de Tacoma, Seattle nos EUA

nas palavras do próprio Casey Halverson membro da SeattleWireless:

TacomaTrainNode – SeattleWireless

Please note that this WiFi access point follows me wherever I go. I happen to ride the train to and from work, and while you may use it, it is not officially provided by SoundTransit? and not connected in any way. It is fully contained in this very mobile backpack.

artigo na SeattleWireless: Seattlest: Homebrew WiFi on Sounder Train

[ visto em Boing Boing: Free open WiFi on Tacoma-Washington train, courtesy WiFi hacker ]

museus com WiFi livre

Agora que fiquei a saber estou cheio de vontade de ir passear até ao museu de Arte Antiga nas janelas verdes… é que por lá, eles instalaram uns quiosques e rede sem fios até à bonita esplanada… que nice!

É uma iniciativa que abrange outros museus – notícia na newsletter do Instituto das Artes… vou ver se tiro fotos da coisa.

Aguardo a nossa experiência de navegação internética com o tejo como fundo…